Why Us?

We think differently

We believe the most important stage is understanding your business and customers. By doing so we can recommend how you can improve your profitability through marketing.  We pride ourselves on lateral thinking and may suggest a new target audience for your business or that you reposition your product or service to appeal to a different sector.  When the audience is identified, we'll test communication to make sure it appeals and only recommend cost effective media to reach them. Not everyone needs a Facebook page but if you do we'll recommend an approach to engage with your audience to build a relationship and enhance your brand.


We use digital technology to reach your customers more cost effectively

Digital is a great leveller for businesses as large and small can reach a wider audience quicker and at a lower cost than ever before.  There are many digital media channels available but not all will be right for your business. As we are 'media neutral' we have no vested interest in pushing to towards a certain type of media.

Although you don't pay for social media, unless you advertise, it still takes time to ensure your brand and products well represented. A solid content marketing strategy is a fantastic way to frame your thought process towards delivering something of value to your customers and we can deliver it. Social media is not all about technology but about the people who use it.

There are many free online marketing tools from free websites at Wix, to free social media management at Hootsuite and RGBStock for free original images. Using these tools can save precious marketing budget so we keep up-to-date on free and low cost technology available and recommend to our clients if appropriate.

You can read a review of some of the free tools available in our Blog or sign up for regular updates via our Newsletter.


Experience Counts

Digital marketing has enabled many young marketers rise through the ranks and we tap into their technical expertise if needed.  We also believe years of business and marketing experience, both online and offline, is important to ensure you don't make expensive mistakes.

Understanding customer behaviour not only by examining the analytics but by knowing their motivations can make the difference between good marketing and great marketing.   Customers are not machines and decisions are emotional as well as rational.  So although analytics are important and will help decision making, having the experience to make good recommendations in the first place will save time and money and that's why experience matters.


Train With Experts

As marketing experts we can help you build your marketing capability and improve performance, training you to become a specialist yourself. From developing a unique training programme specifically for your needs, to delivering one of our existing workshops our range of bespoke marketing solutions means that you get exactly what you want from the training course.