Why training?

After years of working closely with clients, Ann Robb began to notice there was a real need to share her expertise in more detail, helping clients to achieve greater success personally, as a team and as a business. With this in mind Ann decided to run a few courses, specifically on marketing planning and the effective use of LinkedIn as a marketing and business development tool.

Marketing planning was chosen as a topic as the Marketing Plan Template is by far the most popular download from the Learning Zone highlighting the demand for a greater understanding of the planning process.  The reasons for providing LinkedIn training are explained in more detail on our blog; our research identified a gap in the market for the training to be delivered by an experienced marketer.

Our research was conducted in February 2015 with 100 LinkedIn connections and the results confirmed the majority of people who use LinkedIn for business know they could do more but don't know where to start.  Some of the results are shown below but if you'd like to see the full report please get in touch.

How often do you use LinkedIn?

Do you think the effective use of LinkedIn can help benefit you


  • 34% of respondents use LinkedIn more than once a day with a further 33% using it a couple of times a week.
  • When asked about the value of LinkedIn only 18% preferred to use more traditional methods of business-to- business marketing.