Tailored Training Courses

Training the way you want it

Everyone has different expertise and skillsets, meaning that their demands and needs also differ – which is why our In-house Tailored Training courses are specifically designed to help you get the course you want for your company, answering the questions you need answered and leaving your team equipped with the knowledge they need.

Our tailored courses allow for a great deal of flexibility and we are more than happy to adapt to fit your needs we’ll –

  • Accommodate any number of attendees, anywhere you need us and anytime you need us
  • Tailor the subjects covered, allowing you to mix and match content to get the course you want
  • Ensure that the course if delivered in a time frame suitable for you.

Our Tailored Training courses are ideal for organisations that have a number of employees or departments that could benefit from the subject areas we train in. It is the perfect opportunity for individuals within your company to come together and receive dedicated and expert training in areas that will make a significant difference in their working lives. They’ll also have the chance to ask questions and collate all that they’ve learned, motivating them to make the changes that will benefit themselves and their company.

Tailored Training courses are centred around you and your business – meaning you are able to make the most of the session and move forward with new ideas and goals, prepared with the practical knowledge to carry them out in an effective way. 

Pre-training Audits 

To give you an even sharper edge, we now offer comprehensive pre-training Audits of your business across the training categories. For a limited period this service will be FREE OF CHARGE.

Our pre training Audits will provide a powerful and valuable insight into what is working well, what isn’t and what needs fixing. Then when it comes to your actual training you have two options:

  • The training can be based specifically on the audit findings, we can focus on discussing any issues, and help you to fully understand – and even implement – effective fixes and quick wins.
  • The course can be based on content from our existing public courses.

Either way, we will bring along the findings from the audit for your records and information.

Ongoing training and coaching

Supporting your company's marketing training doesn't have to end after your day with us.  We will follow up to make sure you are implementing our recommendations and help you evaluate the results.  If circumstances change, for example due to market conditions, we'll help you adapt your plan accordingly.